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sometimes i realize there are so many things i won’t remember in 50 years like the way the sky looked this morning and all the dogs i saw today and my mom’s voice and i get so sad i never want to forget

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I did not intend to get this drunk Me everytime I drink (via upperslut) Tuesday Sep 9 @ 05:29pm

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Music sweet music
I wish I could caress caress caress
Manic depression is a frustrating mess

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  • Jim Morrison: A straight A student all his life.
  • Jim Morrison: A phenomenal visual artist with his own unique style.
  • Jim Morrison: In school he submitted reports on books so advanced - books not even his teachers heard of.
  • Jim Morrison: Asked for The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche for his 16th birthday instead of a car or something a typical teenager would want.
  • Jim Morrison: Had multiple notebooks he kept since he was in his single digits filled with his ideas, lyrics and poetry.
  • Jim Morrison: His lyrics and poetry inspires endless amounts of songwriters and poets today.
  • Jim Morrison: His being alone inspired dozens of songs, from the time of his death right through to today.
  • Jim Morrison: Wasn't allowed back home from school on holidays unless he cut his hair for his father.
  • Jim Morrison: Became 100% independent immediately after he graduated from UCLA. His parents stopped sending him money, forcing him to live on a roof.
  • Jim Morrison: Never owned a house of his own after his school years.
  • Jim Morrison: Was essentially disowned by his parents for refusing to join the military career.
  • Jim Morrison: Was essentially disowned by his parents for doing what HE wanted.
  • Jim Morrison: Had endless love for his long-time companion, Pamela Courson. He bought her a boutique and purchased all the [extremely expensive] clothing that supplied it, as well as houses, dogs, and cars.
  • Jim Morrison: Even though he and Pam both cheated on each other equally, she was the only one he ever truly loved.
  • Jim Morrison: Only wanted the Doors' fans to understand the meaning behind their lyrics. To really listen.
  • Oliver Stone: lmao just a depressing piece of shit stoner-alcoholic who fucked anything that walked.
  • Some Doors fans: omg all I want is to fuck him!
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